Application Navigation with the New Angular 2 Router

We are building an application on Angular 2. We’ve beeing working with Angular 2 since Beta 8. Recently we have made the upgrade from RC1 to RC3. In this upgrade, it seems as if the official Angular 2 docs have been updated to reflect usage of the ‘new’ router. Note the big disclaimer at the top.

9 SharePoint Development Blogs You Should Follow

I am always mentioning, to various colleagues and customers, the SharePoint Development blogs that I follow. This blog entry lists the blogs that I am following.

Office 365 Roadmap - It’s Finally Here!

I’ve had a couple of Office 365 engagements, where I am explaining current functionality of Office 365 and build expectations around the feature set. All so that Microsoft can make a fool of me and make an update to their service.

We’ve sat in partner advisory councils and explained that it’s difficult to assist in growing the O365 space, as a partner, when we have no in roads to the road map of the service updates. Likely others, have similar frustrations surrounding feature releases to Office 365.

Microsoft has finally heard us and has released an Office 365 Roadmap, that will keep updated details surrounding feature releases. We finally have visibility to Microsoft’s aggressive update schedule. Thanks Office 365 Team!

A C# developer's take on F# - Discovery to Production

I had done some discovery around F# back when it first came out. At that point it didn’t seem like a viable option for end to end application development. I knew then, that F# was very powerful language but didn’t quite seem ready for primetime. Today however, is a different story.

SharePoint 2013 - Discovering Timeline View Automation

One of more subtle but great little additions to SharePoint 2013 is the Task Timeline. This is most noticeable when creating a site using the “Project Site” template. During various events within a particular project lifecycle, tasks may be created dynamically. I thought it would be great to automatically populate the timeline with these auto-generated task…boy I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into.